Styx Guitarist Turns Trees Into ‘Styx’


August 3, 2008

Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw has been a very naughty boy. Tommy and his wife Jeanne who are reported to be behind the trimming of pine trees along Mulholland Drive in Hollywood.

Newspaper reports suggest the treetops were getting in the way of their hillside view so the Shaw`s had the treetops turned into styx.

The Shaw`s live near the Hollywood sign and the trees were blocking a view of the sign. The couple ordered the trimming of the trees but now admit that the pruning was a botch job.

Residents are reported to be shocked by the job. The city prunes the trees every 9 years but it is up to the residents to take care of any other pruning. In this case, the council has decided to issue a licence for any future residents who wish to take the job on themselves.

14 Aleppo pines were hacked in the Shaw exercise. The Shaw`s have been ordered to have new trees replanted as soon as possible.

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