Suburban Resistance release debut self-titled album

Suburban Resistance release debut self-titled album

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA based melodic punk rollers Suburban Resistance featuring frontman Kevin Wilcox released their debut self-titled album back on July 24, 2020.

Track List for Suburban Resistance:
01. Down
02. Dead City Girl
03. Can’t Trust No One
04. It’s Getting Better
05. The Final Morning
06. Anything
07. Fools
08. Don’t Want None
09. No Time
10. We Refuse
11. Absolution
12. Death Is Calling

The group describes itself as follows on its Facebook page:¬†“Melodic punk rock from Las Vegas that refuses to be pigeonholed with songs bouncing from pop punk to hardcore, from skate rock to deathrock. Honest, Apocalyptic rock’n’roll from a band of punk rock lifers (ex-Faction, ex-UV Rays…). Viva La Resistance!”

Suburban Resistance‘s “Down” video:

Suburban Resistance‘s “Can’t Trust No One” video: