Suicide Bombers Debut “High On Explosives” Video

Suicide Bombers Debut “High On Explosives” Video

February 4, 2013

The Suicide Bombers, the self-proclaimed ‘most explosive rock ‘n’ roll band in history’, have released a music video for the single “High On Explosives”. The track appears on the Norwegian band’s 2012 album ‘Criminal Record’ with the video itself being shot by Knut Dyresen and Silje Holmen and edited by guitarist Lazy Leather.

In a recent interview with Suicide Bombers frontman Chris Damien Doll stated, “The idea was already there long before the split of Trashcan Darlings. I knew I wanted to lean more towards this type of music. I had the band name, the image, the vision, a few songs, and a general idea. So that took no time at all. The challenge was to find others who wanted to do the same thing — to find shining stars! One by one they showed up and when we finally became the final four we really started working on everything together and never looked back. I think it only took a few days after the split of my old band before I started writing for the Suicide Bombers. It felt extremely liberating to not have to worry about a back catalogue and also there was a sense of urgency and ‘need’, as I knew I had to have songs if I wanted to start a band. I haven’t been this inspired since I was a kid and first started writing music. “Napalm Heart” was the first song I wrote consciously for the Suicide Bombers and that kinda set the tone for the rest. Most of the songs worked well, others were skipped when we got the band together. I kept writing songs and the band all worked on the arrangements.”

Details on how to order ‘Criminal Record’, The Suicide Bombers’ 12 (+2) track manifesto, can be found at and

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