Suicide Bombers look back at their video for their track “Suicide Idol”

Suicide Bombers look back at their video for their track “Suicide Idol”

Norwegian rockers Suicide Bombers continue their look back at their videos over the years. So far, they have covered their videos for their songs “Devolicious Boys”, “Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)” and “Ready For Tonight”, and now they are sharing the story behind their video for the single “Suicide Idol” from their third studio album Suicide Idols.

The following message was posted in part on Suicide Bombers‘ Facebook page yesterday:


We were getting ready to release the SUiCiDE iDOLS record and the titletrack was to be the launch-video. We had already shot the jacuzzi scenes, with Chris drinking champagne and singing, in Trondheim during the Ready For Tonight tour… an outdoor jacuzzi, with questionable lighting, in the middle of winter, but we had fun, it sort of worked and we decided to use it.

After several videos in caves and tunnels, we wanted to show the band in our natural habitat… the stage. The band performance was filmed at Kolben in Kolbotn, about 30min out of Oslo, during an intense shoot that never seemed to end. Both band and crew were pretty fried by the end of it, but the result turned out great.

SUiCiDE iDOL was our heaviest track at the time, maybe it still is, and was perfect for an on-stage video. It has been in the live set ever since.

…over & motherfucking out!”

Suicide Bombers‘ “Suicide Idol” video:

SUiCIDE BOMBERS – SUiCiDE iDOL (Official Music Video)

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