Suicide Bombers look back to what led to their video for single “Devolicious Boys”

Suicide Bombers look back to what led to their video for single “Devolicious Boys”

With the world getting one step closer every day to getting completely shut down in its attempts to contain the coronavirus, Norwegian sleaze rockers Suicide Bombers are taking a look back at each of their videos and on this occasion, reminiscing on their video for their single “Devolicious Boys” released back in 2014.

The following message was posted in part on Suicide Bombers‘ Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Since our gigs are being cancelled left and right (as they should in this situation) and everyone is at home, we thought we’d take this opportunity for a look back on our videos.We’ll be posting one every second weekday for those who want to follow. Our first video, “High On Explosives” was posted last week, so we’ll skip right to the next one.

DEVOLiCiOUS BOYS — We were asked to be a part of a tribute album to our good friends, Norwegian rock legends Backstreet Girls, which was the single event that expanded the idea of a download only single for Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights) into The Sex Tapes mini album.

We chose a song from the, then, newest Backstreet Girls album, Death Before Compromise. Not so much because it was their latest release, but because the song fit us perfectly and we wanted something we could also play live. We ended up playing it for every show of the Sex Tapes tour.

We never talked about doing a video for it, but out of the blue the band’s lead guitarist and designer at the time, Lazy Leather, had edited together some live clips from one of our concerts and it looked really cool. We did some additional filming of Chris and Lazy at the set of the Bladerunner video (more info on that on Wednesday) and all of a sudden we had a video. One of only two videos to be released from the tribute album, I think. There have been several tributes to the Backstreet Girls. This one was called: “Deaf Before Compromise, A Volume Brutale Tribute To Backstreet Girls” and we also did the intro for the record… naturally.

This has proved to be one of our most popular videos over the years.

…over & motherfucking out!”

SUiCiDE BOMBERS – DEVOLiCiOUS BOYS (Official Music Video)

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