Suicide Bombers unveil teaser for upcoming new studio album ‘Murder Couture’

Suicide Bombers unveil teaser for upcoming new studio album ‘Murder Couture’

Norwegian rockers Suicide Bombers have released an album teaser with snippets of songs from their upcoming new studio album Murder Couture, which will be available on October 25, 2019. Murder Couture can be pre-ordered via Norway’s Tiger Net website and Canadian and American fans can save on shipping by pre-ordering via Front Line Entertainment‘s Big Cartel website.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Suicide Bombers‘ last studio album Suicide Idols:

“I really like that the Suicide Bombers kept things simple with their songs by really building and capitalizing on simple guitar riffs, giving the listener the time to hear Chris Damien Doll‘s vocals and simply not overplaying on any of the songs with over the top guitar solos or anything like that. It’s like if there was a conscious effort to really put the songs first ahead of anyone else. My one beef with Suicide Idols is that I find that the best tracks are the slightly upbeat ones like “Suicide Idol,” “We Got Tonight” and “Keep An Eye On You.”

For the rest of the songs, Suicide Bombers deliver catchy songs that will likely have you singing along at some point but it seems the brakes on those tracks were applied a little bit too much. I am pretty sure that if I was to see the Suicide Bombers play live, tracks like “Ready For Tonight,” “Generation Kill” and “Next World War” would all be sped up for the occasion. It’s kind of like KISS‘ slowed down versions of their now many classic tracks on their first three studio albums that simply come alive (pun intended) on Alive!, which was their breakthrough record. The contrast is likely not as sharp for Suicide Bombers but had most of the songs been sped up even a smidgen, it would have made them even better.”

Suicide Bombers‘ album teaser for Murder Couture:


Album teaser for SUiCiDE BOMBERS fourth album MURDER COUTURE, featuring excerpts from several songs.