Suncity Records Release Artwork For Upcoming Releases


October 21, 2008

Australian based Suncity Records have sent Sleaze Roxx the following press release:

“Hi everyone, just wanted to keep everyone up to date with everything that is Suncity Records.

Below are the new album cover art for our next 3 CD’s that we will shortly have for purchase for everybody.

We have been getting a heap of email in regards to a release date for the following discs – Road Ratt – You Love Us, Jungle Blue – Call Of The Wild, Taupier – That Was Then… & Bad Attitude – Prisoners Of Rock. We are expecting a release date of no later than 7th of November 2008. We are all very sorry about the delay on the upcoming 4 CD’s as we have run into some problems with the re-mastering on the Taupier disc where we got it back from the studio and found that it was over compressed and was a little harsh to listen to.

We have also signed 3 more killer bands and are in the middle of getting the press releases together. Keep your eyes peeled to the website as the announcement of all 3 bands is immanent. “

Jungle Blue – Call Of The Wild
Jungle Blue - Call Of The Wild

Bad Attitude – Prisoners Of Rock
Bad Attitude - Prisoners Of Rock

Taupier – That Was Then…
Taupier - That Was Then...

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