Suncity Records Reveals Artwork For Upcoming CDs


May 13, 2008

Suncity Records have unveiled the album covers for their four latest albums.

Lessdress – Dumblondes
(Sweet Venice sound sample)
Lessdress - Dumblondes

Flash Addict – Live Fast… Die Pretty
(Taste Of The Grave sound sample)
Flash Addict - Live Fast... Die Pretty

Masque – Face First
(Walk Tight sound sample)
Masque - Face First

Road Ratt – You Love Us
(Going To Eden sound sample)
Road Ratt - You Love Us

The release date for Flash Addict – Live Fast… Die Pretty, Lessdress – Dumblondes & Masque – Face First will be May 23rd. Further notice will have a release date for Road Ratt – You Love Us.

As well as working on getting these new albums put together, we will have yet another GREAT signing for you and when I say GREAT, I mean possibly Hard Rock album of the year. Just wait to you hear this band! WOW! Expect an announced in the not too distant future so get ready!

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