Supagroup Gears Up For New Album Release With “Sexy Summertime” Video

Supagroup Gears Up For New Album Release With “Sexy Summertime” Video

June 10, 2011

Supagroup will be releasing their new album ‘Hail! Hail!’ on July 19th. A video for the album’s first single, “Sexy Summertime”, features the band on green screen bikinis and redefines the word ‘Cheeky’.

To hear ‘Hail! Hail!’ visit where the entire album is now streaming.

As Supagroup prepares to release their newest record, ‘Hail! Hail!’, the band finds themselves focused on what’s important. “So many things in music these days are either out of your hands or a major bummer. Radio sucks, I guess that’s nothing new. Labels are going under. Hooray. Bands can’t afford to tour because people are staying home. Why leave your house when you can wank it at home on your computer? All these things can bring you down and make it easy to forget the reasons why you became a musician in the first place. We realized that we shouldn’t worry about all that stuff because there’s only one thing we need to worry about: us. Fuck everyone else. Our goal is very simple. Write great songs, record them well, and kick ass with them live” says singer Chris Lee. Adds his brother and lead guitarist Benji Lee, “We set out to make an album that will stand the test of time, in particular, my test of time. Will I like this record in a year? Three years?”

As for the album, Benji opines that “‘Hail! Hail!’ is our fourth ‘official’ release; we had a few independent albums before. So going into the writing phase we were thinking that this album should stack up with all of our favorites. They all have one thing in common: we still listen to them.” “And I think we pulled it off,” adds Chris, “We’re in our creative prime, still young enough to not be jaded (well, not too jaded), yet experienced enough to know what we’re doing, and really go for it, to try and do something special. ‘Hail! Hail!’ reflects that. It rocks from beginning to end.”

After making their last two albums ‘Fire For Hire’ (2007) and ‘Rules’ (2005) with uber-producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden), the Lee brothers wanted to go back to producing themselves. “Kevin’s the best, but with his reputation and schedule, we were always under the gun, both time and money-wise. We built our own studio (The now infamous House of Lee) so we could take our time” says Benji. “With me producing and time not being a factor, it let us try out things we never had before, acoustic songs, lots of backing vocals, mushrooms, even some strings.” Adds Chris, “It also let us record dozens of songs, some with multiple versions to choose from. And Kevin Shirley mixed it, so we had the best of both worlds.”

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