Supagroup Posts First Episode Of ‘Amped’ Webseries

Supagroup Posts First Episode Of ‘Amped’ Webseries

June 28, 2011

Supagroup has been delivering an amazing, explosive, and most of all fun live show for over a decade now. They’ve toured the world with many of their rock and roll heros, like Alice Cooper, who said this about Supagroup; “These boys are the first band I’ve had open for me since Guns N’ Roses to get a standing ovation every night. It takes charisma to make it in rock and roll, and these kids have it in spades”

Supagroup has made critically acclaimed, commercially successful Rock and Roll records, including the last one, Fire For Hire, which spawned two top forty hits with the songs “What’s Your Problem Now?”, and “Jailbait”. Their new record “Hail! Hail!” drops 7/19/11, and early reviews have placed it alongside such all-time greats as Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced?, AC/DC’s Back In Black, and Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction.

In a world that seems to have forgotten about rock and roll, Supagroup has proudly carried the flag, keeping the rock and roll fire alive and burning through the Rap Rock, Kiddie Pop, and American Idol era. In other words, they’ve done it all, haven’t they?

Says Supagroup’s front man and co-creator of Amped!, Chris Lee, “Actually, we wanted to do something different this time around. We wanted to promote Hail! Hail! in a new way, and we also wanted to show people what it’s really like to be in a rock band, right now. We have so many great stories from the road, and we live in such a crazy world where amazing stuff- both good and bad- happens to us all the time.”

“We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could tell some of the stories in a TV show?’ So that’s exactly what we did” says Supagroup lead guitarist, co-writer and star of Amped!, Benji Lee.

The brothers Lee recruited their old friend Anthony Dominici, a showrunner for TV series like Amazing Race, America’s Top Model, Extreme Home Makeover to direct Amped! which will come out weekly starting Tuesday June 28th.

Says Chris, “We hope people like Amped!, we think it could be a really, really fun show, along the lines of The Larry Sanders Show or Arrested Development meets Spinal Tap. And if it does well, then we’ll make more.” “We had a blast making Amped!, now all we need is for ten million people to watch it!” adds Benji.

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