Super Stroke feat. Robert Mason and George Lynch has new band name and to release debut in 2019

Super Stroke feat. Robert Mason and George Lynch has new band name and to release debut in 2019

Foreigner and classic Dokken line-up bassist Jeff Pilson was recently interviewed by The Metal Voice‘s Jimmy Kay and the bassist provided an update on the project Super Stroke that he, guitarist George Lynch, drummer Mick Brown and singer Robert Mason have announced.

Pilson stated (as transcribed by The Metal Voice): “That record is actually done although it’s going to come out until April 2019 it is phenomenal, it’s a very inspired piece of work. We have a new band name but we are not announcing it yet. George is playing his ass off on it. The music is very natural to what we are there is a bit of Dokken in there, there is a bit of Lynch Mob in there, it’s kind of that direction although it gets a little deeper, we got pretty musical and deep on this record. We are trying our best to do a couple of live shows at some point. The whole record is recorded and done it’s being mixed right now to be released April 2019.”

In terms of his legendary answering machine messages, Pilson advised: “Actually there was a bootleg a long time ago of my answering machine messages. There was a period, especially in the 90’s when I would just make these epic answering machine messages and I sort of got known for it, so then I felt obligated to continue. One time I did Pilsonian Rhapsody, I actually did, Bohemian Rhapsody done to an answering machine message. I went crazy with all the voices and music. I did the Batman theme, but of course I said PIL-SON instead of Bat-man and again played all the instruments. If you can ever hear the bootleg there are some pretty hysterical stuff.”

You can listen to the interview with Jeff Pilson by The Metal Voice below:

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