Superhorrofuck Frontman And Bassist To Release Solo Album

Superhorrofuck Frontman And Bassist To Release Solo Album

June 9, 2011

Dr. Freak and Mr. Four, singer and bass player of Superhorrorfuck respectively, are going to finish the making of ‘Rock N Roll Brotherhood’ in the next few days, an album in which they will play an unusual and new soloist role. The duo have uploaded a short video teaser from the upcoming CD, viewable below.

“Mr. Four and I felt the need to give voice to the softer and melodic side of our creativity, the one that with Superhorrorfuck is only partially developed; so having both the same wish, we decided to collaborate and make this album” says Dr. Freak.

‘Rock N Roll Brotherhood’ will show a new and intimate side of the two musicians, linked to their former life, experiencing an electro-glam rock trend with forays into pop. Even though the combination of this gloomy duo, with the voices of the two who will take turns behind the microphone, makes you shudder with fear at the thought.

‘Rock N Roll Brotherhood’ may see the light of day in October on logic(il)logic, a label that has released the latest album of these zombies from Verona called ‘Livingdeadstars’. Meanwhile the other members of Superhorrorfuck are locked in their vault to gather new ideas for the third full length, scheduled for 2012.

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