Sven Gali postpone 2022 summer tour due to travel restrictions / logistics with Andy Frank in China

Sven Gali postpone 2022 summer tour due to travel restrictions / logistics with Andy Frank in China

Bad news for Sven Gali and their fans as the Canadian rockers have decided to cancel their plans to tour this summer due to travel restrictions and logistics caused by guitarist Andy Frank residing in China. China has a “zero-Covid” policy and has taken strong measures to combat the spread of the Covid virus. Wikipedia indicates that Frank has been working in China since 2005. Sven Gali‘s decision to postpone their 2022 summer tour will apparently also impact the release date for their upcoming new album Bombs And Battlescars, which was supposed to be released via RFL Records in May 2022. The Sven Gali line-up also includes lead vocalist Dave Wanless, guitarist Sean Williamson, bassist Shawn Minden and drummer Dan Fila.

The following message was posted on Sven Gali‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“Due to the ever changing pandemic climate in China: and the residency of a key band member.

Sven Gali will be unable to perform our 2022 summer tour.

We apologize to our fans and look forward to getting back to you soon!

Andy, Dave, Dan, Shawn, Sean

Sven Gali also posted some additional comments to explain their situation including:

Patricia Taylor thank you. Everyone is doing well – it is the travel restrictions and logistics that are holding us back from touring. We really appreciate your love and support – thank you ❤

Sean McKenna we appreciate your love and support brother. Family will always come first with Sven Gali and we will be back when it is safe for everyone in the band to do this. We all play together or not at all. Talk soon!

Jester J Brown When the global situation changes and we can perform as Sven Gali (no subs ever) – we will be back on the stage with a bigger, better, and a more crushing show – cheers!”

CBC News reports as follows about the Covid situation in China:

“China’s capital, Beijing, began mass testing of more than three million people on Monday and restricted residents in one part of the city to their compounds, sparking worries of a wider Shanghai-style lockdown.

While only 70 cases have been found so far in the city of more than 21 million since a new outbreak surfaced Friday, authorities have rolled out strict measures under China’s “zero-COVID” approach to try to prevent a further spread of the virus.”