Swedish rockers Parasite release debut EP ‘In The Fast Lane’

Swedish rockers Parasite release debut EP ‘In The Fast Lane’

Swedish rockers Parasite featuring bassist John “Strindberg” Florén, drummer Robin Nilsson, lead vocalist Patrik DeChrist and guitarist Calle “CK” Lindberg have just released their debut EP In The Fast Lane yesterday (on December 31, 2017).

The group recently introduced its band members as follows via its Facebook page:

Bassist John “Strindberg” Florén — When I don’t play the four string I love to make some pancakes and watch Netflix. Born and raised at the west coast, makes me a virtuoso of bad jokes. I may look fucked up but actually I’m an quite nice guy…

Drummer Robin Nilsson — Headsmashin’, beerdrinkin’ hellraiser.

Lead vocalist Patrik DeChrist — Im one of those hopeless dreamers ya know? Thinking that one day, is gonna be my day. So I chase the dream and when I dont, I work my ass off and pay my bills.

Guitarist Calle “CK” Lindberg — “A guitarist is a natural show-off, but the key is sometimes to take a step back and let the song breathe”, or so I’ve heard. I don’t know who to quote on this, and I’m still trying to figure out what it means…

Track List for In The Fast Lane:
01. Lunchburg Blues
02. Hell Or High Water
03. Nothing Left
04. Life In The Fast Lane
05. Remember Me

You can check out Parasite‘s In The Fast Lane on Spotify.

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