Sweet Leopard release video for song “Not The Girl For Me”

Sweet Leopard release video for song “Not The Girl For Me”

Czech glam rockers Sweet Leopard have released a video for their new song “Not The Girl For Me.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review about Sweet Leopard‘s album Horny House: “Given the success that Steel Panther and Airbourne have been able to garner, it’s no surprise to see many newer bands emulate them. Czech republic glam rockers Sweet Leopard appear to borrow quite heavily from Steel Panther. They are not quite at the debauchery level of the Panthers but the titles they choose — such as the album title Horny House and song titles “Chicks For Money” and “H.F.P.” (with the line “I wanna fuck stranger girl”) — suggest they’re not far behind. But let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to come up with clever titles and demean women with song lyrics but what sets Steel Panther apart from their counterparts and many newcomers is that their songs are simply really good! And that’s where Sweet Leopard fall short. That being said, Sweet Leopard‘s songs aren’t bad and worth checking out.”

Sweet Leopard‘s “Not The Girl For Me” video:

Sweet Leopard – Not the Girl for Me

Official Music video for “Not the Girl for Me” by Sweet LeopardWritten by: Kevin R. ScarfMusic by: Sweet Leopard, Tommy HeroinMix & Master by: Michal Rucký -…