Sweet Leopard unveil new bassist Kevin R. Scarf

Sweet Leopard unveil new bassist Kevin R. Scarf

Czech sleaze rockers Sweet Leopard have announced that their new bassist is Kevin R. Scarf.

The following was posted in part on Sweet Leopard‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“The new Sweet Leopard lineup is complete. New member of the band is heartbreaker , adornment of female bedrooms, bad boy and rock & roller Kevin R Scarf.

For the first time you can see new Sweet Leopard at 30th of June in Vendryně.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Sweet Leopard‘s Horny House: “Overall, when I listen to Horny House, there’s not one truly bad song but at the same time, I find that there is no standout track either. The songs on Horny House are all enjoyable but quickly forgotten as well. There lies the problem if you will for Sweet Leopard — lots of catchiness and good melodies but nothing that really stands out.”

Sweet Leopard‘s “I Was Born For Rock’N’Roll” video:

Sweet Leopard – I Was Born For Rock’n’Roll (official HD video)

This is the official video clip of the band Sweet Leopard.Video clip for the single I Was Born For Rock’n’Roll.Created in summer 2015.Band:Sany Angelo — voc…