Sweet Pain release video for song “10,000 Devils”

Sweet Pain release video for song “10,000 Devils”

German rockers Sweet Pain have released a video for their song “10,000 Devils” from their comeback album Thieves Of Rock, which was released back in mid-2015.

Sweet Pain photoTrack List for Thieves Of Rock:
01. (We’re Gonna) Fight
02. 10.000 Devils
03. Thieves Of Rock
04. Fire & Gasoline
05. Last Band Standing
06. Blackout (TV Junkie)
07. Hitchhiking To Hell
08. Lost In America
09. Practical Man
10. Guitar Hero
11. Back In Business
12. Pills That Kill
13. Louder Than Laut (Bonus Track)
14. Here Comes The Summer (Bonus Track)

Sweet Pain‘s “10,000 Devils” video:

Sweet Pain – 10.000 Devils

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