T.U.R.N. release debut album ‘The United Rock Nations’

T.U.R.N. release debut album ‘The United Rock Nations’

T.U.R.N. consisting of lead vocalist Daniel Valberg (Umeå, Sweden), bassist Hammer Head (Los Angeles, California, USA). guitarists Graham Lane (Swindon, UK) and Des Samita (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA), and drummer Spencer Langley (Tyler, Texas, USA) have released their debut album The United Rock Nations.

Track List for The United Rock Nations:
01. Demons
02. Unreal Dreams
03. Can’t Keep Me Away
04. Stormy Nights
05. Living in Chains
06. Love Shack
07. Shine
08. Forgotten Souls
09. Potion of Endless Love
10. Children of this Time

The following message was posted on T.U.R.N.‘s Facebook page back on February 2, 2021:

“After about 3 years we are VERY,VERY proud to say that our debut album is now finished 😃 It is a 10 track album and it will go live February 22nd. It has been a bumpy road along the way. But we managed to cross the finish line at the end and we are proud and happy for finally finishing this album off. We hope and belive there is 1 track or more for everyone out there who loves rock music.

We would like to thank Leif Ekbergh for mixing and mastering this album for us. Great work buddy and if anybody needs some mixing and mastering send this guy a message.

See you at the next T.U.R.N.….”

T.U.R.N.‘s “Demons” single (from The United Rock Nations album):