Taking Dawn Announce European Tour With Airbourne

Taking Dawn Announce European Tour With Airbourne

February 15, 2010

Las Vegas rockers Taking Dawn have just announced that they will be joining forces with Airbourne for a European tour starting in Milan on March 3rd and ending in Dublin on April 14th.

Currently on tour in the States with Theory of a Deadman, Taking Dawn are taking the rock world by storm, one city at a time. Blurring the lines between rock and metal, their Roadrunner Records debut, Time To Burn, boasts huge vocals, epic choruses and even bigger guitars. The album will be released in the UK on April 12th, Continental Europe on March 1st, Japan in mid April, and Australia on March 1st.

The band also released a video for the first single “Time to Burn” , which features everything from hot chicks to break dancers and even a hilarious spoof on the Kanye West VMA incident.

European tour dates with Airbourne are as follows:
Mar 3 2010 8:00PAlcatraz (w/Airbourne) Milan
Mar 4 2010 8:00PPosthof (w/Airbourne ) Linz
Mar 5 2010 8:00PGasometer (w/Airbourne) Vienna
Mar 6 2010 8:00PDurer Kirt (w/ Airbourne) Budapest
Mar 8 2010 8:00PTonhalle/Zenith (w/ Airbourne)
Mar 9 2010 8:00PVolkhaus (w/ Airbourne ) Zurich
Mar 10 2010 8:00PSchlactof (w/ Airbourne) Wiesbaden
Mar 11 2010 8:00PLonghorn (w/Airbourne) Stuttgart
Mar 13 2010 8:00PC Halle (w/Airbourne) Berlin
Mar 14 2010 8:00PPumpehuset (w/Airbourne) Copenhagen
Mar 15 2010 8:00PJohn Dee (w/Airbourne) Oslo
Mar 17 2010 8:00PNosturi (w/Airbourne) Helsinki
Mar 18 2010 8:00PKlubi (w/Airbourne) Tempere
Mar 20 2010 8:00PKB Halle (w/ Airbourne) Malmo
Mar 21 2010 8:00PGross Freheit (w/Airbourne) Hamburg
Mar 22 2010 8:00PEwerk/Palladium (w/Airbourne) Koln
Mar 23 2010 8:00PPul (w/Airbourne) Uden Niewe, Holland
Mar 25 2010 8:00PMelkweg (w/Airbourne) Amsterdam, Holland
Mar 26 2010 8:00PZenith (w/Airbourne) Paris
Mar 27 2010 8:00PRockhal Club Luxembourg (w/Airbourne) Luxembourg
Mar 29 2010 8:00PGuildhall (w/Airbourne) Portsmouth, England
Mar 30 2010 8:00PColson Hall (w/Airbourne) Bristol, England
Apr 1 2010 8:00PHammersmith Apollo (w/Airbourne) London, England
Apr 2 2010 8:00PAcademy (w/Airbourne) Liverpool, England
Apr 3 2010 8:00PApollo (w/Airbourne) Manchester
Apr 5 2010 8:00PPicturehouse (w/Airbourne) Edinburgh, Scotland
Apr 6 2010 8:00PAcademy (w/Airbourne) Glasgow, Scotland
Apr 7 2010 8:00PAcademy (w/Airbourne) Leeds, England
Apr 8 2010 8:00PAcademy (w/Airbourne) New Castle, England
Apr 10 2010 8:00PCivic Hall (w/Airbourne) Wolverhampton, England
Apr 11 2010 8:00PRock City (w/Airbourne) Nottingham, England
Apr 13 2010 8:00PMandella Hall (w/Airbourne) Belfast
Apr 14 2010 8:00PAcademy (w/Airbourne) Dublin

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.takingdawn.com