Talks Cheap Gets Official CD Release


November 5, 2009

Talks Cheap Gets Official CD ReleaseAfter terrorizing the streets of Seattle and Hollywood during the late eighties and early nineties, Talks Cheap has finally released their collective works through Demon Doll Records! These 6 songs have never been released on CD and the disc also includes a live on air radio interview with the boys from 1990. These Glam slam bad boys bring the Hair Metalto unparalleled heights with their epic songs, “Hey Little Girl”, “Talk Of The Town” and “We Are The Kids” If your a fan of Pretty Boy Floyd and Poison you’ll love Talks Cheap!

The disc is silver pressed and officially licensed from Lesli Sanders (Talks Cheap, Queeny Blast Pop, Pretty Boy Floyd), it is a must have for all Glam & Sleaze junkies around the globe! Exclusively available from

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Talks Cheap track listing:
1. Hey Little Girl (sound sample)
2. Talk Of The Town (sound sample)
3. We Are The Kids (sound sample)
4. Big City (sound sample)
5. Do Not Disturb
6. Culture Shock
7. Band Interview

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