Tango Down provide description of seven songs that they already have for their sixth studio album

Tango Down provide description of seven songs that they already have for their sixth studio album

Tango Down consisting of lead vocalist Chas West, guitarist Scott “Rif” Miller, bassist Axel K. Gessner and drummer Keith Michaels are working on their sixth studio album and follow up to Bulletproof, which finished at #2 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016. The group recently played the inaugural New England Rock Fest that took place at Poor Richards in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA that was held on August 17 and 18, 2018.

The following message was posted on Tango Down‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“What a fantastic weekend. Thank you to all of our label mates, Firehouse, Eric Martin, the Trixter guys, Poor Richards, and of course everyone that attended Nerf. Most of all, thanks to the boss man – John Kivel and Kivel Records . It was an honor to be a part of the festivities .

Now everyone wants to know what’s next? Well, we are in writing mode and we have Seven completed written songs plus a few in progress. We are not promising a exact date yet, just that we are close to going into the studio. Most likely a 2019 release for what will be called #6

To give you a little taste of what to expect.

Forget What you Know (#6): This one is Dark and mean!!

Standing Tall: Old school VH/RATT Arena anthem.

Dirty Penny: This is reminiscent to Punching Bag. Just kicked up a notch!

Believe (In Fantasy): Very similar to Give me a Reason. Has a Bon Jovi keep the Faith era vibe

Accept my Apologies: Groove + Monster rif with a catchy as hell chorus = Infectious

Scream!: This song has always just missed making each TD album. Its been our problem child we’ve never wanted to give up on. Because we knew it would be a killer addition. We finally got this one under control ! To give an idea of what this sounds like. Think Motley Crue Primal Scream. This song will give Axel a chance to shine live

Lying to Myself: ROCK POP HIT!! The closest thing we will have to a ballad on the album

In the meantime we are gearing up for Rock N Skull 18 Presented by Persie’s. See all of you this Oct in Illinois.”

Tango Down performing “Carry On” live at New England Rock Fest in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA on August 18, 2018:

Tango Down

New England Rock Fest 0818/2018 Chicopee, MA