Tango Down working on follow-up album to ‘Bulletproof’ with possible release at the end of 2018

Tango Down working on follow-up album to ‘Bulletproof’ with possible release at the end of 2018

Tango Down consisting of guitarist Scott “Rif” Miller, singer Chas West, drummer Keith Michaels and bassist Axel K. Gessner have six songs already for their follow-up to their last studio album Bulletproof, which finished #2 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2016.

The following message was posted on Tango Down’s Facebook page by guitarist Scott “Rif” Miller earlier today:

“What can we say other than we have been blessed. We just released one of our best albums to date. We are 5 albums deep, shows all over the United States, Clubs and outdoor festivals, doing what we do and what we love. What makes things even better is, we are not slowing down. Bulletproof came out summer of 2016 and is still going strong. The four of us are having a blast playing our Bulletproof set list. Which of course includes a healthy dose of the past albums.

As much fun as that is, and as how well we crush it every time. It’s time we see if we can outdo ourselves yet again. No one is better competition than yourself ! So we have accepted this personal challenge from both ourselves and our record label. To outdo Bulletproof and show everyone we are still running at full blast.

We will still be doing shows between now and the fall, so we are not, I repeat not going on any sort of typical “writing break”. We have two events (TBA) booked that are coming up, as well as one pending. Not to mention any others that land in our lap.

So keep an eye out for our next album, “Number 6” the end of the year. We are six finished songs in, and will not settle for the entire album being short of our absolute best material

To give a tease, we have

1. Believe (In Love with a Fantasy) : cut from the same cloth of “Give me a Reason”.

2. Scream!: This song is a groove monster and will give Axel a spotlight to shine on the bass. Very Motley Crue‘esque Feelgood Era

3. Standing Tall: Anthem. Fist on your air fun song. The guitars, rif and music are very reminiscent of old Van Halen and Ratt. Mixed in with a Damn Yankee like chorus

4. Forget What you Know (#6) This one is new territory for us I think. I wouldn’t say its our heaviest song, but its the most different I think. Similar perhaps to the song Charming Devil

5. Dirty Penny : This song has been kicking around for a while, and the powers that be finally said lets give this one a shot. This song is “Punching Bag” on TEN! I’m happy that this one will be making the album. Possible album opener.

6. Apology : This one has a similar vibe to “Carry On”. It’s a heavy pounding rif in f sharp! Will be fun to play live.

We can’t wait to get in the studio with these and get Chas on them. Also keep an eye out for Chas upcoming solo album, it’s going to kick ass!!

Tango Down

Tango Down‘s “Punching Bag” song:

Punching Bag 7.20.16 by Kivel Records

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