Ted Nugent Celebrates Hunting Season, Angry Over ‘Stupid’ Laws


September 27, 2008

Outspoken rocker Ted Nugent has marked America’s National Hunting and Fishing Day with an angry rant, calling for his fellow outdoorsmen to fight “stupid” laws that have led to Sunday hunting bans in 11 U.S. states and some Canadian provinces.

Nugent admits he loves this time of year, when hunting seasons across America are active, and he feels those opposing the practice of killing wildlife should applaud the efforts he and his fellow hunters make in culling abundant animals and maintaining America’s rural areas.

In his missive, which first appeared in his weekly column in the Waco Tribune on September 21, Nugent insists trapping, hunting and fishing are “an integral part of America’s history and culture as well as our essential conservation responsibility.”

He adds, “Once necessary to survive, hunting and fishing are now two very popular forms of recreation, while keeping millions of American families connected to the land and its precious creatures. Today, roughly 20 million hunters and more than 50 million fishermen enjoy the outdoors and generate roughly $70 billion in revenue each year. Like all my friends, we hunt simply because we are hunters. It is perfect.

“Thanks to hunters’ dollars, generated through licensing fees, habitat stamp fees and direct involvement, America’s wildlife and overall conservation programs have never been more vibrant, healthy and strong. Our wildlife management system is envied around the world by all real conservationists.

“Considering that hunters constitute only 12 percent of the population, it is abundantly clear that we hunters carry the vast majority of the financial burden to ensure America’s wildlife, and its air, soil and water cleansing habitat, is healthy and thriving. How about a big, hearty and genuine THANK YOU America!”

Attacking those who insist hunters are killing off America’s wildlife, Nugent adds, “There are more turkey, geese, elk, black bear, cougars and whitetail deer than at any time in our nation’s history.”

And therefore, “Hunting seasons should be expanded and other common sense hunting opportunities must be immediately implemented based solely on science, never allowing selfish emotion turn an asset into a liability, as they have done with cougars in California and bears in New Jersey.

“Can you believe that in 11 states and some Canadian provinces Sunday hunting is illegal? There are other laws just as stupid, and we must all fight to eliminate these self-imposed obstacles to the joys of the outdoors and proven basic management responsibilities ASAP.”

Courtesy of www.starpulse.com