Ted Nugent Fires Up ‘Turning 60 – Live It Up’ Contest


December 24, 2008

Perfecting himself for 60 years, Ted Nugent is the ultimate 18 year old with 42 years experience! For your chance to win an Autographed Americana Acoustic Guitar check out the full contest details visit the official site: www.tednugent.com/music/contests

Celebrate Ted’s 60th by creating a birthday video dedication to him via the special Live It Up – Celebrating 60 YouTube.com Group and let him know how he has inspired you and yours. Roasts, toasts, animated clips, a personalized song – you decide how you want to express your gratitude to the Bowhunting Backstrap Rhythm ‘n Blues King.

Ted Nugent has been an inspiration to many people in a variety of ways: from his musical mayhem on the guitar, unforgettable stage antics, gorging on gonzo rock, passion for politics and love of firearms. With over 6000 rockouts under his belt, writing best-selling books, creating award-winning television shows, numerous charitable causes and a strong voice on the political platform – this All-American man has more energy than the Girl Scouts! Now it’s time for you to put some time and energy into saying “Thanks Uncle Ted!”

Ted Nugent Fires Up Turning 60 Live It Up Contest

Courtesy of www.tednugent.com