Ted Nugent Ready To Enter The Studio Later This Year

Ted Nugent Ready To Enter The Studio Later This Year

August 25, 2010

Gary Graff of Billboard.com reports: Ted Nugent has some “stone cold motherf***king songs” ready to go when he takes his band into the studio later this year to start working on his first new studio album since 2007’s “Love Grenade.”

Nugent tells Billboard.com that he has “well over a dozen” tracks written and “eight or nine that I have to capture on tape as soon as possible,” including a couple that were demoed in Waco, Texas, prior to his current concert tour. The tour’s title — “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” — will also be the title track of the album, which Nugent describes as “just a roustabout, a classic Motor City upheaval. You can hear my Mitch Ryder influences in there right away.”

Other songs Nugent has in place include a “grinder” called “I Love My Barbecue” and “I Still Believe,” which he likens to 1975’s “Motor City Madhouse.” And he compares “Never Stop Dreaming” to the Rascal’s “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore” and says it was inspired by his hunting trips with terminally ill youth.

“When you spend time around a campfire with these families and little five-, six-, seven-year-old boys and girls…it’s so inspiring and so fortifying and so clear,” Nugent explains. “[‘Never Stop Dreaming’] is as pure as the ‘Fred Bear’ moment, just a magic piece of music.”

With his tour wrapping up on Sept. 5 in his home town of Detroit, Nugent plans to spend the late summer and early fall hunting bear and moose in Canada and deer in Wisconsin before hitting the studio in December with his band — bassist Greg Smith and drummer Mick Brown — at producer David Zaijcek’s studio in the same Texas village where Nugent now resides. “I love the convenience,” he explains. “I love being able to hunt in the morning, then go rock my balls off the rest of the day. It’s called balance. My spirit has never been more positive or energized.”

Nugent’s hunting did get him in a bit of trouble recently when he plead no contest to misdemeanor charges of killing an immature and baited buck during a taping of his Outdoor Channel show “Spirit of the Wild” in February. Nugent, who did not bait the deer but rather killed it in too close proximity to a baited area, paid a $1,750 fine for violating California hunting laws.

“I did not use bait, I didn’t see any bait and nobody in our group used any bait,” says Nugent, who was hunting with others during the trip. “We were only 100 yards from an apple orchard. Is that bait? I don’t know…I thought about fighting it and we probably could have won, but they were putting a lot of pressure on me and I pled no contest pretty much to save my buddies, who did nothing wrong, either.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.billboard.com