Ted Nugent To Run For Governor


Seems like the Motor City Madman might be heading for the Governing Board if the citizens of Grand Rapids, MI have their way. In a recent opinion poll, listeners of Grand Rapids radio station WOOD (News Radio 1300) picked Ted Nugent as the leading candidate in Michigan’s 2006 Gubernatorial race. Nugent who would go up against current Governor Jennifer Granholm got 91.57% of the vote beating out Rick Johnson (Speaker of the Michigan House) and the former Lieutenant Governor Dick Posthumus. Said Nuge: “I’m flattered that the Michigan citizenry grasps my sincerity. I have always celebrated my �We The People’ activism. Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. The status quo system of politics sucks. Maybe it’s time for an upheaval. Call me Ted �Upheaval’ Nugent. We’ll see what happens.” You have been warned.

Courtesy of Virginmega