Ted Poley releases animated video for new single “The Devil To My Angel”

Ted Poley releases animated video for new single “The Devil To My Angel”

Danger Danger and Tokyo Motor Fist lead vocalist Ted Poley has released a video for his latest single “The Devil To My Angel” from his upcoming new studio album Modern Art, which will be officially released on October 26, 2018.

Sleaze Roxx recently did a two part interview with Poley during which he stated about his animated videos in part 2:

“I’m everywhere. Even when I don’t want to be in the videos… there’s nothing I like more than shoving my stuff up everybody’s asses as far as my logo goes! So, if you notice, I’m everywhere on the computer screens, posters of me on the kids wall, etc. That’s obviously all pre-meditated. Those were deal breakers of making the video. Some of those things weren’t there and I said, “Nope, you have to put them there!” Even the logo on the t-shirt, that was very hard to do in every single scene. Again, everything has to be created. It’s not like you have a kid in a t-shirt and he’s running around on every angle. It’s very hard. It’s very time consuming. It was hard work, but that was one of the main things. I wanted, no matter when you tuned into that video, I wanted somebody to see something that related to me. It was my video even though you don’t see my face. You’ll see that logo. I also did the thing where they super-imposed a television that’s sort of channel logo in the bottom corner. You’ll see that logo throughout. I should have put it in all the videos. I didn’t remember, but it should have been in the bottom corner of all. It’s all about branding. Regardless, I’m in every scene even though I’m not!”

Ted Poley‘s “The Devil To My Angel” video:

Ted Poley The Devil to my Angel

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