Teenage Band Mystery Post “Raise Your Fist” Music Video

Teenage Band Mystery Post “Raise Your Fist” Music Video

July 9, 2012

“Raise Your Fist” is the first official music video for the upcoming 2012 album by the Australian band of fourteen and fifteen year old teens named Mystery. The AC/DC home town boys — Rocky Ravic (vocals/lead guitar), Kris Iaccino (guitar), Josh Scarpaci (bass) and Tony Mlikota (drums) — are setting the world on fire with their extremely energetic live shows all over the World and this is the first taste of what to expect from their debut album.

Currently the band is putting on the finishing touches to their album, which will include some very special guests soon to be announced. Recorded with engineers Jesse Duerkop and Stu Marshall, the debut album by Mystery is nearing completion. Frontman Rocky is currently recording the vocals with Mick Jelinic (Mortification, Terraphobia) at 454 Studio. The album’s final mix and master will be completed during the end of April at Frontier Studios with Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden, Dungeon) at the helm.

The artwork has already been completed by the famous South American artist from Colombia, Felipe Machado Franco, known for his work for LucasFilm Ltd., Christopher Lee, Rhapsody Of Fire and Blind Guardian.

The band will also be doing a music video for each of their original songs, which will also be correlated into a movie. The music videos will be shot in places like the home region of Dracula in Transylvania Romania. Lights, camera, action, there will also be a music video shot in Hollywood, California and under the rising Sun in Japan.

Find out more about the active young boys and check out the official Mystery website at www.mysteryrocks.netand like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mysteryrocks.

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