Ten To Release ‘Albion’ In November

Ten To Release ‘Albion’ In November

September 2, 2014

British hard rock giants Ten are returning with what is already being acclaimed as the best album in their history. ‘Albion’ is the title of the album, the term being the earliest documented name for the collective British Isles from the time of Queen Boadicia.

‘Albion’, due for release on November 21st, is fine collection of songs steeped in all the trademark essences associated with the band and is instantly recognisable as Ten. This is classic Ten in every sense of the phrase.

New European based label Rocktopia Records are proud that this album will carry their prestigious RTP001 catalogue number. In an exciting development, vocalist Gary Hughes and the guys have been so productive over the past year that ‘Albion’ will actually be the first of a two album release situation on Rocktopia. The second, as yet untitled album, is to be released early next year — a schedule not unlike the historical situation when Ten was born, releasing their self-titled debut ‘The Name Of The Rose’ in quick succession.

The collection of songs on ‘Albion’ are destined to become melodic hard rock anthems.

Rocktopia will be pre-releasing the album to direct sales, only in Europe and America, from Monday October 27th. This follows Ten’s October 24th Firefest appearance where the album will be previewed and the first CD copies will be available. ‘Albion’ will also represent another first for Ten with the release of a limited edition double gatefold vinyl album including many collectable items which will be an absolute must-have for fans of the band.

The name Ten is synonymous with some of the music genre’s most striking album sleeves. In keeping with this Ten tradition the artwork this time is provided by the exceptionally talented Gaetano Di Falco. ‘Albion’ is produced by Gary Hughes and once again mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward.

This is an exciting era for Ten. It features all the familiar faces and one or two new ones who have integrated seamlessly, embellishing the Ten sound and taking things to yet another level. Ten are definitely firing on all cylinders.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com