Tesla Announce Title Of Upcoming Studio Album

Tesla Announce Title Of Upcoming Studio Album

March 10, 2014

Tesla have revealed that their upcoming studio album, the band’s first in over five years, will be entitled ‘Simplicity’.

“I must say that this new Tesla album is really gonna be awesome,” says guitarist Frank Hannon. “We went in more prepared with the songs and ideas, way more than Forevermore, and the style is pure Tesla back to our roots. the band is working and producing it as we did Into The Now with help from the legendary Tom Zutaut who helped us make our best albums. The title of the new album is gonna be Simplicity and I truly believe you guys are gonna love it!”

Tesla entered the studio in early February to begin work on ‘Simplicity’. Among the songs being worked on for the album are “MP3”, “Ricochet”, “CRoss My Heart”, “Sympathy”, “Rise And Fall”, “Break Of Dawn”, “Life Let” and “Burn To Fade”.

“The opening track is called MP3 and starts off with an opus intro that orchestrates into a heavy slow groove with lyrics about technology and how we miss simplicity, vinyl albums, family values, and has a heavy ass riff,” continues Hannon. “Then we segue into a rock ‘n’ roll song called Ricochet that talks about Uncle Ted… can’t wait to play this stuff live!”

In November of last year Hannon, vocalist Jeff Keith, bassist Brian Wheat, drummer Troy Luccketta and guitarist Dave Rude went to a private undisclosed location to share ideas regarding the new album, scheduled for release in 2014. The band’s previous studio album of all new original material, 2008’s ‘Forever More’, reached #33 on the Billboard Charts and placed on the Sleaze Roxx Reader’s Choice Top 20.

Tesla has a few tour dates scheduled so far this year, including an appearance on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise — a full list of dates can be found at http://teslatheband.com/.

Tesla is a multi-platinum selling rock band from Northern California known for their melodic songs and down to earth appeal. Thanks to their die-hard, loyal fan base and their younger generation offspring, Tesla continues to tour to sold-out crowds around the world. After playing several showcases in Los Angeles, Tesla quickly scored a deal with Geffen Records and released their debut album, ‘Mechanical Resonance’, in 1986. The album produced the hard rock hits and crowd favorites, “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Little Suzi”. ‘Mechanical Resonance’ reached the Top 40 on the album charts, and eventually went platinum.

It was the follow-up, 1989’s ‘The Great Radio Controversy’, which truly broke the band. The first single, “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)”, was a hit with hard rock audiences, setting the stage for the second single, a comforting ballad called “Love Song” which substituted a dash of hippie utopianism for the usual power ballad histrionics. “Love Song” hit the pop Top Ten and made the band stars, pushing ‘The Great Radio Controversy’ into the Top 20 and double-platinum sales figures 00 the follow-up single, “The Way It Is,” was also a hit.

In keeping with their unpretentious, blue-collar roots, Tesla responded to stardom not by the glam theatrics of their tour mates and peers of the era, but by stripping things down. The idea behind 1990’s ‘Five Man Acoustical Jam’ was virtually unheard of — a pop-metal band playing loose, informal acoustic versions of their best-known songs in concert, plus a few favorite covers. Tesla’s music was sturdy enough to hold up when its roots were exposed, and one of the covers, “Signs”, became another Top Ten hit, as well as the band’s highest-charting single. Not only did ‘Five Man Acoustical Jam’ reach the Top 20 and go platinum, it helped directly inspire MTV’s “Unplugged” series, both with its relaxed vibe and its reminder that acoustic music could sound vital and energetic. This album is credited for starting the whole “Unplugged” craze of the ’90s which included artist like Eric Clapton, Nirvana, and many others following suit with acoustic live albums.

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