Tesla Bassist Finds Himself At The ‘Wrong Place… At The Right Time’ On New SoulMotor Album

Tesla Bassist Finds Himself At The ‘Wrong Place… At The Right Time’ On New SoulMotor Album

June 22, 2011

SoulMotor bassist Brian Wheat, along with lead vocalist, songwriter and video director Darin Wood have documented a drug deal gone bad “Down in Mexico”, by being in the ‘Wrong Place… At The Right Time’. Available on iTunes this coming Monday, June 28, the digital CD release of ‘Wrong Place… at the Right Time’ can be pre-ordered here and now at this iTunes location. The fictitious drug deal and more are stories set to song are all part of SoulMotor’s upcoming CD, ‘Wrong Place… At The Right Time’.

Tesla member Wheat and Wood have created a cast of characters including the more-than-shady Reefer-Man Sam who appears on both “Down in Mexico” and the title track. This low-life has double-crossed the FBI, double-crossed the Mob and has even double-crossed his mom. A knife fight results in murder and Sam heads south of the border with a suitcase full of cash, a .45 in the glove box and a few tabs of mescaline playing pinball in his brain. Along the way, Sam picks up more bad news in a tight dress by the name of Lola De La Mota and by the time he reaches Mexico, he’s seduced by The Chick With No Name, ambushed by the cops and gets his own music video directed by none other than SoulMotor lead singer Darin Wood.

In addition to the aforementioned tracks “Down in Mexico” and the title song, “Wrong Place At The Right Time”, the other nine remaining tunes and characters on Wrong Place at the Right Time include the following. “Spun Out” — Mopar Charlie. Listen and learn… and drive a fast car. “5 Megatons of Love” — A bank robbery in space. And you thought it was a ballad. “Bones In The Rosegarden” — Convicted Sacramento, CA serial killer, Dorothea Puente buried her borders in the backyard of her home. Read up, listen up and know some things just can’t be made up. “Candy-O” — The classic Cars track. “Get To Know Me” — Homage to Howlin’ Wolf with a little help from hallucinogenics. “High Noon in Hell” — The devil wears cowboy boots… and makes a Western. “Warlord of 16th Street” — Darin’s alter ego. “Dreams” — Brian Wheat’s mom passed in ’06 and she continues to visit him. And “Burn Down The Disco” — There’s only so many times the misfit that gets picked on gets picked on one time too many. Some may call this a torch song.

Brian Wheat produced and engineered ‘Wrong Place… At The Right Time’ at his J Street Recorders that turned out to be the very last production ever done within the walls of the studio. A fire in September of 2010 destroyed J Street. Wheat is in the process of building a new studio, tentatively called The Trax.

SoulMotor’s release is on Wheat’s newly formed custom label, Good Seed Music, with partner Brian Clausman, a career-long marketing pro with a history of success stories with some of the leading brands in the U.S. including Seagram Beverage Company, Dannon Yogurt, Tropicana, P&G, PepsiCo, WalMart, Home Depot, CVS and many more. Many years prior, Clausman’s dad owned a management company that signed three artists including Tesla.

In addition to SoulMotor, Good Seed’s roster currently includes the pop/rock band Built By Stereo and legendary photographer and published photojournalist Ross Halfin.

The controversial NC-17 rated version of the video for “Down in Mexico” is available now for viewing on SoulMotor.com. An R-rated version will be available shortly for purchase on iTunes and can be viewed on below.

Wood created the SoulMotor CD package and the accompanying series of artwork and cast of characters related to the SoulMotor project. Some of the characters have already been introduced to SoulMotor’s followers on the band’s Facebook page — www.facebook.com/SoulMotor — with more to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Wood has over 15 years experience writing, directing, producing and editing film and video projects, as well as experience in exhibition. His background includes cartooning and graphic design, and for you horror film fanatics, Darin is a writer, director and producer of horror films and writes all of the stage shows for the Trash Film Orgy Film Festival.

While many are familiar with Wheat and his multi-platinum Tesla roots, SoulMotor is a departure, with one journalist describing SoulMotor as ‘pounding riff-rock’ along with a ‘crushing rhythm section.’

SoulMotor was born under a full autumn moon in the city of Sacramento, California, home of Wheat, Wood and the former home of Father of the Year, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Spawned by a fusion of shadowy symbolism and a dark ejaculation of rhythm, the creation crawled forth and began to kiss the universe with sound. SoulMotor would like to remind you, if you’re at the ‘Wrong Place… At The Right Time’ then you’re already there and hopefully, with the CD on pre-order.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and soulmotor.com