Tesla Headlining Shout It Out Loud Festival

Tesla Headlining Shout It Out Loud Festival

January 24, 2013

Tesla Headlining Shout It Out Loud FestivalThe 4th Shout It Out Loud Festival will take place on Friday April 5th in the “Gluckaufhalle” in Duisburg, Germany. Scheduled to appear are Tesla, H.E.A.T., The Quireboys, Blackrain, Adam Bomb and one more fantastic live act.

After the last festival organizers teetered on the brink, but have decided to do another version of the festival. It was a huge success for everyone and was sold out because it was moved to a smaller venue. After getting countless encouragements from fans all around Europe organizers have decided to move on with balls on the wall.

The “Gluckaufhalle” venue is twice as big as the last venue in Wetter, so it definitely provides the Shout It Out Loud Festival with enough space for every visitor, without looking too big, and has a great stage which will be filled with top international. In front of the venue you will find a big parking lot and for those of you travelling by train or bus the venue is centrally located so you will have a perfect connection to local public transport. This year Shout It Out Loud will have a special outside area for relaxing or just to have a few minutes of fresh air.

After long negotiations organizers managed to get superband Telsa for the Shout It Out Loud festvial. The band is playing in the UK on Saturday, thats why the festival had to be moved to Friday, but it is definetly worth it. The boys around Jeff Keith are going to play an absolutely fantastic best of with all their gratest hits from rock songs to emotional ballads such as “Modern Day Cowboy”, “Edison’s Medicine” and “Song & Emotion”. With this top act, that sold over 14 million records in the US alone, the Shout It Out Loud festival has brought you a top headliner that can even mess with the last two festivals.

Tickets are available at Eventim, Metaltix, Koln-/Bonn Ticket, by emailing Tickets@rock-road.de, or by visiting www.facebook.com/ShoutitoutloudFestival.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com