Tesla Live On Rockline Tonight


October 8, 2008


Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re already on record hailing Tesla. Just check out the back of their recent DVD “Comin’ Atcha Live! 2008” and you’ll see what we mean. Tesla’s blistering live, plugged-in performance recently on ROCKLINE was one of the best we’ve ever had in the twenty-seven year history of our show. This year has been the busiest in the eighteen year history of the Sacramento based band. It’s hard to believe they disbanded for six years at the end of the 90’s to the beginning of this millennium; because with the release on October 7th of their brand new album it is very apparent this is absolutely the best music they’ve even created. Maybe that layoff was just what the doctor ordered. Every single song is outstanding and worthy of airplay. But broadcast need not concern you as all that is needed is to load “Forever More” into your MP3 or CD player and let it rip. What’s really astonishing about this new collection of songs is the fact that you want to hear every single one again the moment it ends. That’s the hallmark of a really good album and there’s absolutely no drop off from one song to the next. It will be our absolute pleasure to welcome Jeff Keith, Frank Hannon and Brian Wheat to our next show, to play as many songs as we possibly can and to have them tell you all about them. It’s as if their whole career has been pointing to this album, an album to enjoy forever more. They began writing in January and the results are about to be made public.

The band is currently on tour (we know, what a surprise) and you can locate all the dates at www.teslatheband.com We’re not sure how many of the new songs they have incorporated into their set, but we’d be happy to hear them play the entire new album live. Not only is it a great experience as a fan to hear music of this quality, but imagine what a jolt of electricity this must be for the band to have songs like this become part of their arsenal. If any band knows what to do with a jolt of electricity, it’s Tesla. Jeff has never sung better, Frank absolutely shreds on guitar, Brian and Troy are locked into a wicked sounding rhythm section and Dave’s contribution surely must be part of why this is working so well.

We’ve raved enough, now it’s time to deliver and let you decide for yourself. Our money is on Tesla knocking your socks off on the next ROCKLINE!


Below is the video for Tesla’s new single I Wanna Live.

Courtesy of www.teslatheband.com