Tesla Putting The Finishing Touches On Acoustic Album ‘Twisted Wires’

Tesla Putting The Finishing Touches On Acoustic Album ‘Twisted Wires’

February 2, 2011

Tesla’s Brian Wheat, Frank Hannon, and Jeff Keith have reviewed the tracks from the last recording sessions with former guitaristTommy Skeoch from the 2005 ‘Acoustic Jam’ tour, as well as the recently recorded tracks featuring the new Tesla song “Second Street” to be released this year.

Tesla’s record company has signed a deal with EONE distribution to release this new CD, tentatively titled ‘Twisted Wires’ (the acoustic sessions).

Troy Luccketta, will be joining Frank and Brian at Sonic Ranch studios where the ‘Real To Reel’ sessions were recorded and they will collectively wrap up the recording and mixing of ‘Twisted Wires’ simultaneously, utilizing the studio’s amazing analog equipment to record and mix down the tracks. The album will consist of 6 tracks recorded back in 2005 at Brian’s J Street Studio (luckily these tracks survived the infamous fire!) and 6 newly recorded tracks recorded at Frank Hannon’s studio including acoustic remakes of songs from “Bust a Nut” and a brand new song “Second Street”. During all of this Jeff Keith and his wife will be welcoming the arrival of their baby boy due at the end of February! After all this mayhem is finished…

Tesla will be writing a follow up studio album of all new material with guitarist Dave Rude starting in March 2011 and performing select dates across the USA. In the meantime the Dave Rude Band, SoulMotor, and FHB will be finishing up some tour dates supporting their solo efforts.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/teslatheband