Tesla release new single “Time To Rock” with video out on August 9th

Tesla release new single “Time To Rock” with video out on August 9th

Sacramento, California, USA rockers Tesla featuring lead vocalist Jeff Keith, guitarists Frank Hannon and Dave Rude, and bassist Brian Wheat have unveiled a video for their new single “Time To Rock” which can be purchased at various digital outlets. The video for the new single will be premiering on August 9, 2022.

Hannon was recently interviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx and the guitarist was asked about “Time To Rock” being a return to the classic Tesla ‘blue collar sound’ that fans love, to which he replied: “Thank you. It’s definitely us. It’s Jeff Keith and I, who are the main writers of the band. He and I chipped away at it for a couple of months. We had the chorus on the bus. We chipped away at the song in dressing rooms, on the bus and in my garage. I came up with that first groove which is a ‘heavy handed’ blues lick, which is very reminiscent of Ronnie Montrose or something. Maybe it is a ‘throwback’ because working with Ronnie Montrose takes us back to our early beginnings. Going back to ‘Shock’ for a minute, that album was ‘sonically’ a collaboration with Phil Collen. It was definitely a Def Leppard type sound, because he co-wrote all the material. It was an experiment that we tried. We hadn’t even done that before. Nothing wrong with that. Artists do that stuff all the time.”

In terms of whether the Tesla band members talked amongst themselves about getting back to their classic sound after the Def Leppard sounding and experimental album Shock, Hannon stated: “I think so. The band is pretty much run by Brian Wheat and myself. We started the band together and we take turns on different things. I’m more of a fan of ‘jam’ oriented kind of stuff. Brian is great at producing more ‘polished’ kind of stuff. I’ve been very involved in these singles and the rest of the guys will be working with Jeff on the next few things and we’ll all be taking turns and collaborating on things when they come.”

Tesla‘s “Time To Rock” single:

Tesla‘s “Time to Rock” video premiering on August 9, 2022: