Tesla release new song “California Summer Song” for streaming

Tesla release new song “California Summer Song” for streaming

Sacramento, California, USA rockers Tesla have released a new track titled “California Summer Song” for streaming from their upcoming new studio album Shock, which will be released via Universal Music Enterprises on March 8, 2019. The song premiered via Billboard earlier today.

Speaking to Billboard, Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon stated:

“This is the first time that we’ve really allowed another person, a producer to really be involved to the extent that Phil Collen was, like a sixth band member… We weren’t really gonna make a new album; After (2014’s) Simplicity, it didn’t seem like there was any point. But Phil really motivated us. We’re definitely kindred spirits with Def Leppard, and (Collen) brought in a lot of production techniques and a lot of organization that they learned from Mutt Lange.

“And (Collen) would help us orchestrate and organize all the pieces. He helped us write lyrics. He helped us arrange. He would work with each guy individually and help them bring out their ideas…and then really put the finishing touches on the songs with his input.”

“When we first got signed to Geffen in the ’80s (Q Prime‘s) Cliff Burnstein was our first manager, and his advice to us was always make a great album full of great songs… So that’s always our intent. Now sometimes, depending on the state of mind we’re in at the time, albums don’t come out as good as they could. But it’s something we take to heart and always keep in mind.”

You can read the rest of the article / interview with Frank Hannon at Billboard‘s website.

Tesla‘s “California Summer Song” track:

California Summer Song – TESLA

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