Tesla release new song “Taste Like” from upcoming new album ‘Shock’

Tesla release new song “Taste Like” from upcoming new album ‘Shock’

Sacramento, California based rockers Tesla have released a second song titled “Taste Like” from their new upcoming studio album Shock, which will be released via Universal Music Enterprises on March 8, 2019. Tesla‘s new album Shock was produced by Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen.

Track List for Shock:
01. You Won’t Take Me Alive
02. Taste Like
03. We Can Rule The World
04. Shock
05. Love Is A Fire
06. California Summer Song
07. Forever Loving You
08. The Mission
09. Tied To The Tracks
10. Afterlife
11. I Want Everything
12. Comfort Zone

In terms of working with Collen, Tesla frontman Jeff Keith told AXS in an interview back in July 2017: “You know, with Phil Collen, Def Leppard’s guitar player—he’s got all these different ways of approaching recording. Like we may be working on three different parts of three different songs in one given day. Usually we’ve been known pretty much for just working on one song and kind of finishing it and going on to the next. With Phil, it was great. We just bounce all around and record something, go home and chew on it, come back in the next day or two and try some different things. He had us trying a whole lot of different things we didn’t really know how to do, or had ever tried. So it was really exciting to make it with him, and we’re just finishing up with it, and having a blast. He’s such a great guy, a great person, and a great producer.”

Tesla‘s “Taste Like” song:


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