Tesla release video for track “California Summer Song”

Tesla release video for track “California Summer Song”

Sacramento, California, USA rockers Tesla have released a video for their track “California Summer Song” from their Phil Collen produced album Shock, which was released back on March 8, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Shock including the track “California Summer Song”:

“The softer songs are hit and miss for me… There are too many of them, first of all. The first times through, I skipped the obviously softer songs after three or four of them because… Enough already! But, I’ve gone back and as is usually the case, the tender songs work well for Tesla. Many of them have a different vibe than you would expect. “We Can Rule The World” is the first softer track and it, at times has a mid 2000’s pop feel. It works, but it isn’t one I’ll likely leave on as I pass through the album. “Love Is A Fire” is a great mid tempo love song with a powerful chorus. This track is awesome.

“California Summer Song” was released as a teaser, perhaps online single is the right phrase, for the album and it is a severe departure from what you would expect from Tesla. Yet, it works as a catchy song you’ll catch yourself singing later on as you are doing laundry — I promise you. “Forever Loving You” is a litle more modern sounding. “Afterlife” falls flat for me at least upon the first weekend of listening and likely will be skipped over most times afterwards.”

Tesla‘s “California Summer Song” video:

TESLA – California Summer Song ☀️🌻

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