Tesla to release Abbey Road ‘live’ album to mark 30th year anniversary of ‘Five Man Acoustical Jam’

Tesla to release Abbey Road ‘live’ album to mark 30th year anniversary of ‘Five Man Acoustical Jam’

Tesla guitarists, Frank Hannon and Dave Rude, were interviewed by Planet Rock at the Download Festival on June 14, 2019 and revealed that they are planning on releasing a ‘live’ album that they recently recorded at the infamous Abbey Road Studio in London, England to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the release of their live acoustic record Five Man Acoustical Jam.

Hannon advised (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “For that era — I mean, obviously The Beatles and The Stones and Led Zeppelin did acoustics before us — but for that era, it was one of the first. It’s hard to believe 30 years ago. But actually, [the] 30 year anniversary is next year. We plan to release this Abbey Road session that we did, which is celebrating that.”

Rude added: “Yeah. It was weird. It was awesome but it was like… You know, we’ve been in some really cool famous studios and it’s always exciting but Abbey Road is like another level. You’re just… I mean, it’s one of those places where you just look at the walls and you’re like ‘This is where Paul McCartney looked when he was tracking his bass on eight, whatever song.’ You know? It’s just ridiculous.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Five Man Acoustical Jam, which was released back in November 1990: “This was a brilliant move because Five Man Acoustical Jam turned out to be arguably Tesla‘s pinnacle and brought them their biggest hit with “Signs.” Five Man Acoustical Jam‘s commercial success, in addition to the album simply being a phenomenal and groundbreaking one, seemingly was the ignitor that pushed many other rock bands to release albums comprised of songs played acoustically. The one thing that separates Tesla from a lot of the bands that eventually later released similar type albums is that Tesla already had blues based songs that lent themselves very well to acoustic treatment. Throw in lead singer Jeff Keith‘s distinctive, raspy and powerful voice and playing the band’s songs acoustically turned out to be a recipe for greatness.”

You can listen to the interview with Frank Hannon and Dave Rude by Planet Rock below:

Tesla have recorded an Abbey Road Studios session!

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