The Bad Somethings’ self-titled debut album released today with new video for “Oh Honey”

The Bad Somethings’ self-titled debut album released today with new video for “Oh Honey”

The Bad Somethings‘ self-titled debut album has finally been released today via Squib Kick Records.

The label’s press release states:

Squib Kick Records is proud to announce the the debut release by: The Bad Somethings!!

“We spent a good two months working on the recording are extremely pleased with the results. Not only for The Bad Somethings, but for us as a label. It’s a great statement of what Squib Kick Records is all about,” states owner Rob Richardson. “The Bad Somethings were great to work with and we love their sound. Real fun guys, and we’re already looking forward to album number two in 2019.”!!

Drummer and Co-founder Kenny Richie fondly talks about their time in the studio. ”Rob told us to just go in and do what we do…so we did! What we ended up with is just a solid album with some tasty bites of our various influences. We would just grab a ri or a chord change and run with it! We might say to ourselves, that sounds like KISS or a bit of Zeppelin, that sounds like the Stones or an AC/DC style song…but that is cool to us. Some fans have recently told us that we are part of the N.W.O.C.R. (New Wave Of Classic Rock) and if that’s what they are saying on Facebook, well it must be true!??” (laughs)!!

For those unsure about taking a chance on a new band, we’ve got a deal for you too!Download The Bad Somethings for just $4.99 (USD) on CDBaby or $5.00 on Bandcamp!We’ll bet you that for that price – it’ll be one of your best music purchases of 2018!!!

Available on most all download and streaming sites!”

The Bad Somethings‘ “Oh Honey” video:

The Bad Somethings – Oh Honey (classic style hard rock music)

The Bad Somethings – “Oh Honey”(Classic style hard rock music)Download/Streaming links:$5 – CDBaby –$5 – Bandca…