The Big Deal unleash video for cover of TNT’s track “Intuition”

The Big Deal unleash video for cover of TNT’s track “Intuition”

The Big Deal featuring female lead vocalists Nevena Brankovic and Ana Nikolic have unveiled their cover of TNT‘s track “Intuition.” Norwegian rockers TNT released their studio album Intuition back in 1989.

The following message was posted on The Big Deal‘s Facebook page on December 29, 2022 (with slight edits):

“Before we go to prepare gallons of drink for the New Year’s celebration, we want to invite you once again to watch our yesterday’s cover, the magical song “Intuition”. And to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and beautiful energy you sent us during 2022. YOU are our RnR family. Let’s keep the spirit and magic of this divine music forever !!

We are also VERY grateful to Tony Harnell for sharing our cover of this beautiful song. Thank you for the inspiration and magical notes, not only Tony, but of course – Ronni Le Tekrø and Diesel Dahl.

Also thanks to our another family, phenomenal Frontiers Music Srl, for being a precious and indestructible oasis of rock music..

Don’t forget to ROCK in 2023!!

The Big Deal

The Big Deal‘s “Intuition” video:

TNT‘s “Intuition” video: