The Black Crowes Mulling Next Album


November 26, 2008

Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson says that he and brother Chris Robinson, the group’s frontman, have “tons of songs around. Chris and I are always writing.” They just have to figure out what to do with them.

“We want to make another record” with the Crowes, the younger Robinson tells, which likely means a 2009 follow-up to this year’s “Warpaint.” That was the Crowes’ first set of new material in seven years and the band’s first for its own Silver Arrow Records imprint.

“We still want to do this,” Robinson says. “Having all this sort of new enthusiasm and this newfound sense of identity as a band, I think we want to put it to good use and make another great record and really do some different and interesting things.”

The Crowes resume their Euphoria Or Bust Tour on Dec. 5 for a dozen dates, finishing with a five-night stand Dec. 15-20 at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Now shows have been announced yet for 2009, and Robinson notes that recording will be a priority.

“Right now I’m just writing what I write, and Chris is writing what he writes,” the guitarist says. “When we get together and put all of our songs together, I think it’ll dictate what common direction it’s going to go. Once that happens, that’s when I think everyone’s gonna come in and we’ll solidify everything.”

The Robinsons also hope to do some more work as Brothers of a Feather, which they launched with a 2006 duo acoustic tour. “Chris and I had so much fun doing it, we’re talking about making a new Brothers album of all originals,” Robinson reports, adding that they’re not concerned about having to make a Solomon’s choice between songs for that project and for the Crowes.

“I think the context will dictate that pretty easily,” he says. “I think there will be songs that are more suited to that (acoustic) presentation than what would be right for the Crowes. We’ll just keep writing and come up with things and suss through ’em all. It’s better to have too much material than too little.

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