The Blackstone Roses Release ‘The Dead City’ EP

The Blackstone Roses Release ‘The Dead City’ EP

January 12, 2013

The much anticipated upcoming band The Blackstone Roses, hailing from Hollywood California, have made their first hard hitting demo tracks available online for fans worldwide as ‘The Dead City’ EP.

The Blackstone Roses line-up consists of brothers Nick Raines on lead vocals and Criss Raines on lead guitar, along with Brandon Beretta on drums and a current open slot for bass.

Chief songwriters are the Raines brothers who have taken their musical influences from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s metal, hard rock, blues and punk. Nick Raines’ lyrics often reflect their life history so far which has seen the brothers struggle to make it on the streets downtown and getting through their fair share of pub and bar fights for being and looking different but simultaneously confident. Comfortable in their own skin wearing denim and leather the band is a stark contrast from the Hollywood hipster scene currently dominated by flannel checkered shirts and beards.

The Blackstone Roses’ brand of rock is unabashed and honest as it aims to take you to new heights of sonic experiences. The official ‘The Dead City’ EP has been initially released on iTunes and can be previewed at

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