The Blatchford/Gregs Conspiracy release new single “Deceived”

The Blatchford/Gregs Conspiracy release new single “Deceived”

Aussie rockers The Blatchford/Gregs Conspiracy featuring lead vocalist Gavin Blatchford and guitarist Scott Gregs (ex-The Guilty) have released a third single titled “Deceived.”

The group also consists of Paul Styman (ex-The Guilty) on drums, Jack Vesic (ex-The Guilty) on guitar and Paige Blatchford on bass.

The Blatchford/Gregs Conspiracy previously released the singles “Fed By Rock N Roll” and “Kickin The Evil Out.”

Gregs was part of the band The Guilty along with lead vocalist Alex Attic which released four albums — Guilty As Charged (2015), Rock On (2017), Dirty Money (2018) and For The Love of Beer EP (2019).

Attic sadly passed away in early March 2019 after complications from a cardiac arrest situation and although The Guilty tried to forge ahead without him, Gregs elected to disband the group in November 2020.

The Blatchford/Gregs Conspiracy‘s “Deceived” single:

The Blatchford/Gregs Conspiracy‘s “Fed By Rock N Roll” single: