The Born Readies unveil video for new single “Motorcycle Mania”

The Born Readies unveil video for new single “Motorcycle Mania”

Denver, Colorado, USA based rockers The Born Readies consisting of frontman Chris Rhea, bassist Dan Putrino, guitarist Bret Hagen and drummer Andrew James have unveiled a video for their latest single “Motorcycle Mania.”

The Born Readies‘ website indicates as follows:

The Born Readies are a real-deal Rock and Roll band from Denver, CO. Don’t let their matching vests fool you, they aren’t cut from the same cloth as most of today’s bands. Blending a healthy dose of garage, 70s rock, and glam, they evoke the sounds of Johnny Thunders, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, and Slade. The Born Readies are on a mission to bring Rock and Roll back to the masses, one fist-pump and foot stomp at a time.”

The group has previously released the albums, The Born Readies EP (2014) and Its Just Rock & Roll (2018), and since then has unveiled four singles including “Motorcycle Mania.”

The Born Readies‘ “Motorcycle Mania” video: