The Casanovas Begin Pre-Orders Of ‘Terra Casanova’

The Casanovas Begin Pre-Orders Of ‘Terra Casanova’

March 11, 2015

The Casanovas are finally ready to make their return after laying low while fighting legal battles with an ex-manager. The Australian rockers have completed their third full-length studio album ‘Terra Casanova’ and are making it available for pre-order at

“After many, many moons of virtually nothing from us we are champing at our bits with anticipation to finally furnish you with our third full length album,” state the band. “Years of writing and crappy home demos recorded to iPhones have eventually culminated into our laying down of the real deal late 2013 and early 2014 at Sing Sing studios in Melbourne. We believe this to be our very finest work to date and hope you too will deem it more than worth the wait.”

“In our downtime there’s been marriage, children, ‘real’ jobs and pushing way too many pens… so now can we get back to rock n roll! To do so we humbly ask you to be involved in the facilitation of the manifestation of this baby. The physical version of the album will be limited on both CD and vinyl and we are giving you the chance to secure your copy here, as well as the opportunity to get involved in the album launch plus many other rad incentives.”

The Casanovas first formed in 1999 and have released two full-length albums to date, their self-titled debut and 2006’s ‘All Night Long’. The band currently consists of founder and frontman Tommy Boyce, bassist Damo Campbell, and drummer Jaws Stanley.

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