The Claws’ ‘Stars And Broken Glass’ album now available on vinyl

The Claws’ ‘Stars And Broken Glass’ album now available on vinyl

Los Angeles, California, USA based rockers The Claws‘ album Stars And Broken Glass, which was originally released back in December 2021, is now available on white opaque wax vinyl via their website. The group consists of lead vocalist Chad Cherry (The Last Vegas), guitarists Gary Martin and Mike Gavigan, bassist Terry Love and drummer Tony Pacheco.

Track List for Stars And Broken Glass:
01. Down In The City
02. High Noon
03. A Song For You
04. High Sermon
05. In The Dust
06. When The Nighttime Comes
07. Seven Medicines
08. Sway With The Hunted
09. Strange Rumblings
10. Waiting At The Station

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in December 2021, Martin explained the idea behind the cover for Stars And Broken Glass. The guitarist advised: “We were invited to do a photo session at Wolfpack Studios in Burbank, California. The set, backdrop, and props were all provided, and those beer steins were full & often re-filled, so we just went full Medieval era I guess. This cover picture is also similar to what our rehearsals tend to look like.”

In terms of how The Claws came up with the album title Stars And Broken Glass, Martin indicated: “We’re based in Los Angeles, and our headquarters/rehearsal is located in the heart of Hollywood. Sure, there is a glitz to this area of the world, but it is the big, nasty city, and things can get weird. ‘Stars And Broken Glass’ is a reference to the dichotomy of the glamour and the grittiness of our surroundings. The sidewalk is made of stars, and the glass is the reason that we wear boots to rehearsal.”

The Claws‘ “Strange Rumblings” video: