The Cruel Intentions unleash video for new single “Reapercussion”

The Cruel Intentions unleash video for new single “Reapercussion”

Swedish rockers The Cruel Intentions consisting of frontman Lizzy DeVine (ex-Vains of Jenna) bassist Mats Wernerson, drummer Robin Nilsson and lead guitarist Kristian Nygaard Solhaug have unleashed a video for their new single “Reapercussion” from their upcoming sophomore album Venomous Anonymous, which will be available in June 2022.

The Cruel Intentions‘ debut album No Sign of Relief finished at #4 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2018 and #3 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2018.

Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of No Sign of Relief:

“Somewhere along this new sleaze rock path in 2010, Vains of Jenna had come to part ways with their lead vocalist Lizzy DeVine. It was sudden and Vains of Jenna went on a bizarre route to re-record their second album (which was arguably somewhat of a departure from their debut material) The Art of Telling Lies with a new singer. One of the new voices leading the sleaze movement had suddenly been silenced and nobody was quite sure why. Vains of Jenna went on to flounder, stumble and implode shortly thereafter.

During the next few years DeVine went back underground but rumblings of him starting a new project began to surface. Finally in 2015, a blistering new video and single was released by DeVine‘s new band The Cruel Intentions. He was back, and Vains of Jenna fans were delighted. In the years to follow, a string of video singles were released, which leads up to now with the full-length debut No Sign Of Relief.

In listening to No Sign of Relief, it completely takes me back to where Vains of Jenna seemingly left off on 2006’s Lit Up/Let Down. A total ‘wow’ factor is in order here as DeVine leads his new band back to what I can best describe as a modern sleaze-punk sound complete with a Sex Pistols riff on Genie’s Got A Problem as DeVine shouts “Genie’s gettin’ louder, pukin’ in the shower, A little bit of that, A little bit of this, Daddy’s little girl is a rock and roll bitch.” DeVine is back in a big way and his band The Cruel Intentions hailing from Oslo, Norway is set to take the sleaze rock genre to (hopefully) some new heights.”

The Cruel Intentions‘ “Reapercussion” video: