The Cult Release ‘Capsule One’ CD/DVD Dual Disc

The Cult Release ‘Capsule One’ CD/DVD Dual Disc

September 14, 2010

The Cult Release 'Capsule One' CD/DVD Dual DiscThe Cult’s ‘Capsule One’ CD/DVD dual disc is now available for purchase at

‘Capsule One’ was produced by the legendary Chris Goss (Masters of Reality, Queens of the Stone Age) and features Ian Astbury (voice), Bill Duffy (guitar), John Tempesta (drums) and Chris Wyse (bass).

‘Capsule One’ Audio CD/Video DVD DualDisc Tracks:
1. Every Man And Woman Is A Star
2. Siberia
3. Rain (Live) – Recorded August 1, 2010 at Knebworth, UK
4. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon (Live) – Recorded on the LOVE LIVE Tour
5. FILM – Prelude to Ruins by Ian Astbury and Rick Rogers

A 12 inch limited pressing 180 gram collector’s edition vinyl is also available and includes the songs “Every Man And Woman Is A Star” and “Siberia”. ‘Capsule One’ can also be purchased as a FLAC or MP3 download at

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