The Cult Unveil Video For “Elemental Light (Salem Remix)”

The Cult Unveil Video For “Elemental Light (Salem Remix)”

November 28, 2012

When The Cult frontman Ian Astbury had the idea for Salem to remix a song off their new release ‘Choice Of Weapon’, he reached out to the band as an admirer, using an email he found on an EP he had. The band responded and chose “Elemental Light”, which resulted in an ethereal, beat-driven verison of the song.

Ian then called in the cinematic prowess of director and acclaimed fine artist Kostas Seremetis to create a visual element for the remix, and the result is more short film than music video.

“The sentiment of this film captures the loss of wilderness, and a generation trying to make sense of the trash heap they have inherited,” Astbury says of the project. “It evokes nature versus man, that struggle [and] desire to control nature and ultimately death.”

‘Choice Of Weapon’, The Cult’s ninth studio album, was released on May 22nd and can be purchased at

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